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Rue du Polissou 23E

B-5590 Ciney (Achêne)

Phone. : +32 83 231162


VAT / EORI number: BE 0676.500.764

Opening days: Monday to Friday (by appointment)

Opening hours: 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Terms of Sales

These general conditions of sale govern the sales of "DIGITAL-SYS SPRL" to its customers, also referred to as "buyer".

The fact that DIGITAL-SYS does not avail itself at a given time of any one of these general conditions of sale cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the right to avail itself subsequently of any of said conditions.


Unless the prior written consent of our manager / administrator, our general conditions take precedence over all others.

Orders or acceptances of offers and in general all acts concluded between us and the buyer, implies for the latter the unreserved acceptance of the general conditions of sale and protection of personal data.

By entering their data and confirming their registration on our e-commerce website (, the user acknowledges having read and accepted the general conditions of sale and the protection of personal data.


The buyer's general conditions of purchase are only valid if we have agreed to them in writing. The acceptance of an order form or the sending of an order confirmation cannot be considered as a departure from the application of this article.


Without specific mention, the prices displayed or indicated are exclusive of VAT.

These prices are indicative, they may be subject to change without notice.

Invoices are established at the prices in force at the time of delivery, they comply with the legal provisions of the Prices Commission of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

All sales are subject to the applicable VAT rate.


Unless otherwise stated on our sales documents, shipping costs are the responsibility of the recipient.


Our offers are made and orders accepted without any commitment as to the delivery time, which is never set for indicative purposes.

No delay may give rise to compensation, interest or fines, nor to termination of the contract.


Unless otherwise indicated on our sales documents, the goods travel at the risk of the buyer. Any complaint concerning incomplete and / or damaged shipments must be reported and settled with the carrier directly.


Any complaint about one of our invoices must be sent to us by registered letter with as much detail as possible within 15 days (calendar days). After this deadline, the delivery and the prices will be considered final and fully accepted.

Any complaint must be sent to us with the invoice number as well as the serial number, batch or manufacturing number of the product with supporting documentation.


In no case does our liability exceed the repair or replacement of the defective device.

We guarantee the devices for a period of 12 months against all construction defects for the parts. In no way will a malfunction give rise to a refund for the device.

Excluded from the guarantee are deterioration resulting from fire, flooding, electrical power, misuse by users as well as other fortuitous or force majeure events, abnormal use or modification not approved by DIGITAL-SYS SPRL. We will not accept any invoice for repairs made by third parties or by our contractor.

Unless specifically indicated on the invoice, our equipment designated as "used" (or "second-hand") is not subject to a warranty, it is sold in the condition well known to the buyer.

DIGITAL-SYS SPRL cannot be held liable for the commercial or financial consequences resulting from a malfunction or a defect in the equipment or products sold.


We will not accept any liability for any damage whatsoever - explicitly or implicitly - for any direct or indirect damage to persons, property or companies of the purchaser and / or third parties.

DIGITAL-SYS SPRL cannot be held liable for the commercial or financial consequences resulting from any damage caused by a sales agent, local representative, authorized technician, or any partner whatsoever acting and invoicing directly with the buyer, and even if it uses the name or logo of "Digital-sys".


No merchandise will be returned or exchanged without our written permission.

In the case of a temporary return for repair, under warranty or not, all costs related to return transport will be borne by the buyer.


11.1 Unless previously agreed in writing or otherwise indicated in the sales documents, invoices are payable in cash upon receipt of the invoice.

11.2 Credit cards will be immediately debited at the time of the transaction.

11.3 Sales made with new customers are normally made in cash and until DIGITAL-SYS SPRL agrees to open a loan to them.

11.4 Any deposit paid is final and will not be refunded.

11.5 In the event of cancellation of an order by the buyer and for any reason whatsoever, we may demand compensation which may not be less than 75% of the planned supplies.


12.1 Failure to pay an invoice after a period of more than thirty days after its due date results in immediate payment of all amounts owed. If the above deadline is exceeded, the customer will be required to pay, as of right and without formal notice, late interest calculated at the rate provided for by the law of 02/08/2002 increased by 2%.

In addition, if the invoice is not paid by the due date, the amount thereof will, as of right and without formal notice, be increased as follows:

▪ from € 1 to € 4,000: 10%

▪ from € 4,001 to € 12,500: 7.5%

▪ from € 12,501 to € 25,000: 5%

▪ from € 25,001 to € 50,000: 2.5%

▪ from € 50.001: 1.5%.

12.2 DIGITAL-SYS SPRL reserves the right to suspend any delivery to any buyer, or to charge it against reimbursement, having a delay in payments, without the need for formal notice.


DIGITAL-SYS SPRL expressly reserves ownership of the goods delivered until full payment of their price by the buyer. In the event of partial or total non-payment of an invoice on its due date, as in the event of judicial liquidation of the buyer, DIGITAL-SYS SPRL reserves the right to take back the delivered goods regardless of the place where they are located. .

The deposits paid remain the property of DIGITAL-SYS SPRL.


DIGITAL-SYS SPRL reserves the right to ask buyers at any time for any payment guarantees it deems necessary.


DIGITAL-SYS SPRL and the buyer undertake to respect the confidential nature of all their commercial exchanges.

The buyer undertakes to inform his staff of this confidentiality obligation, and to make them comply with said obligation.

No publication or written or oral communication can be made by the buyer concerning any work and any information obtained in connection with the execution of this contract or any other operation. Any breach of this article automatically entails the application of a penalty clause, with an amount of € 2,500 as lump sum compensation for the costs incurred.

In addition, any breach of this article confers, on DIGITAL-SYS SPRL, the right to terminate current contracts, for the services still to be performed, without the need for acts and subject to damages to be made. assert before the appropriate courts.


In the event of disputes, only the courts of Dinant are competent.

Any dispute, while no amicable agreement can intervene and prevent any dispute, will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts. This protocol is governed by Belgian law even though the client is of foreign nationality and or the protocol is executed in whole or in part abroad.

DIGITAL-SYS SPRL reserves the right, at any time, in a constant concern for the development and improvement of its products, to make any changes, either technical or presentation, deemed appropriate.

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