Forever® Multi Trans Forever® Multi Trans

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Forever® Multi Trans

FOREVER® Multi Trans

100 foil sheets A4 or A3

Print Custom Mugs with FOREVER Multi-Trans

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FOREVER® Multi Trans

100 foil sheets A4 or A3

For over 15 years, our Forever® Multi-Trans paper has been printed with OKI CMYK laser printers. Thanks to the practical 1-Paper solution, designs can be easily transferred to hard and smooth surfaces, without cutting or weeding.

In the past, Forever® Multi-Trans was limited to white or light colored materials, but with the introduction of OKI White Toner printers, surfaces of any color can now be decorated.

Multi-Trans is also suitable for the new generation of OKI Pro8432WTPro7411WT / Pro9420WT color laser printers with higher fusing temperature.

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Forever® Multi Trans : Paper size:Format A4
  • Paper size : Format A4

Ref: 9500097005

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